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7 Easy Steps to Selling a Home

Making the decision to sell your current home is stressful for a number of reasons – but not knowing how to actually go about selling your property shouldn’t be one of them. To make things easier, here are seven steps you need to compete in order to sell your home in GTA from Sonam Arora – a Top Real Estate Agent that works in your interest. Happy selling!

STEP 01 Choose the right time to sell your home

Figuring out if you are ready to sell your home is a personal and financial decision. Before you do anything else, have an accountant run through your finances with you to better understand whether or not you are in a good financial position to buy and sell property.

STEP 02 Find the right REALTOR®

Not all real estate agents are created equally. In fact, finding the right realtor is one of the most important things you can do to sell your home as quickly and as effectively as possible. We recommend you to make appointment with us and go through the entire process of selling to gain the confidence in our services over others.

STEP 03 Sign a realtor listing agreement

Once you have chosen your REALTOR®, the next step is to make the contract official. By signing the listing agreement, you will authorize your REALTOR® and their brokerage to market and sell your home.

STEP 04 Prepare your home to sell in Vancouver

Most of the time your home won’t need a full-scale renovation to be ready to sell. But smaller things like bad paint jobs, cluttered rooms and stained carpet can really make buyers think twice about choosing your property. Spend some time giving each room in your house a mini face-lift. The trick is to try and create a space that perspective buyers can actually visualize themselves living in. Consider Home Staging options for a quicker sale.

STEP 05 Let your REALTOR® work their magic

Once the space is ready, it’s time to list your home! At this point the REALTOR® will start marketing your home to potential buyers. From creating an online listing to hosting strategic open houses, your REALTOR® will set a plan into motion to sell your home as swiftly and as profitably as possible.

STEP 06 Receive an offer

After all the advertisements and open houses, your REALTOR® will come to you with every offer that a potential buyer has made on the home. It is your prerogative to decide whether to accept, decline or negotiate a new offer for your home – but don’t worry, you’re REALTOR® will be there to advise you during every step of this process.

STEP 07 Congratulations! You’ve sold your home

Once all the finances have cleared and the paperwork has been signed, all the work (besides moving out) will be done. On closing day, your REALTOR® will present you with a cheque for your total earnings and you’ll have successfully sold your home.




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